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Can I wear a costume when I come to the show?

Well, of COURSE you can! That's part of the tradition! Plus, if you wear your costume you'll receive a $10 Canadian Tire Gift Card, and have the chance to strut the stage in the costume parade and compete to win another prize:
$100 Canadian Tire Gift Card: First Place

$50 Canadian Tire Gift Card: Second Place
$25 Canadian Tire Gift Card: Third Place
* Winner will be determined by audience applause. Costume parade will start on stage at 7:15pm.
Costume FAQ
What about the props?

If you've attended a screening of the movie or another live stage production, you've likely already seen this. When the movie was first released, audiences truly made the viewing a unique event by developing a secondary fan script that included shouting certain things at specific points, as well as introducing props to the mix.
We will be selling very basic prop kits at our performances before each show in the lobby. For $20 you'll receive the following items so you can experience just a bit of the traditional experience.
* newspaper
* glowstick
* party hat & noisemaker
* toilet paper roll
* bell 
The profit from these ki
ts will be donated to the Rose Garden Hospice.

One of the popular props usually thrown during a screening is a piece of toast; in the stage script, however, there is no dinner party scene and therefore Frank'n'Furter doesn't actually make his toast to the guests.

We will also have a follow-along guide in the show's handbill, to help people keep up with what's going on.

PLEASE NOTE: lighters are not to be used in the auditorium, and the throwing of rice and water in the theatre is prohibited.
Props FAQ
Are people going to yell things during the show?

As previously mentioned, there's a secondary Fan's Script that has been adapted and grown since the movie was released in 1975. It is quite extensive, and many versions exist online. Usually they coincide with the movie, and the stage script varies from the movie script in quite a few places so not everything applies to our show.
If the shouting happens when you're at the show, don't be alarmed.  It is part of the experience, and our performers are ready for it. It's not considered disrespectful for this production; we see it as a sign of enthusiasm. 
Be aware, some things that are usually shouted are quite rude.  You likely wouldn't say these things in front of your grandmother. But again, our performers are ready for it.
Yelling FAQ
Can I do the "Time Warp?"

Theatre seating doesn't allow for a lot of dancing room.  However, the Time Warp doesn't need a lot of room. If you'd like to dance and take part, please do, but we ask that you be aware of the people around you. They might enjoy your enthusiasm, but not if they get smacked in the face or toe-stomped.
Time Warp FAQ
Can children attend the show?

Simply put, no. This production includes coarse language, sexually suggestive content,  and adult themes. The movie itself is rated R, and our script is close enough that it would apply to us as well.
Children FAQ
What's this Opening Night Reception thing?

Opening Night is one of the most exciting performances to attend. Energy is high, anything can happen, PLUS, when you realize how great the show is, you have the MOST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITIES to see it a second, third, or seventh time!

To help us celebrate, Lucky Bastard Distillers from Saskatoon will be here serving up some signature cocktails for you to try after the show. The reception will take place in our lobby, so you can gather there, enjoy a cocktail, and meet and mingle with the cast once they're done changing out of their costumes. Help us celebrate all the hard work of our creative team and attend on Opening Night!
Opening Night FAQ
I'm attending from out of town. What else can I do in Prince Albert while I'm there?

We have an online guide just for our out of town visitors. Visit our Stay For The Play page to see what else Prince Albert has to offer, and check out offers from a few of our partners.
Out of Town FAQ
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