We believe arts education is an important asset to all youth and strive to bring exciting and new learning opportunities through the instruction from professionals in the fields of music, dance and drama.

Broadway North provides arts education programming to students ages 7 – 18 years old. There are currently two programs offered during the year, a week long camp in the summer and a 3.5-month musical theatre based program in the fall.

Juniors: 7-8 years old
Intermediates: 9-11 years old
Seniors: 12-18 years old

To learn more about us feel free to e-mail us: broadwaynorth@citypa.com

Summer Intensive


Summer Intensive is a week-long program which gives students a crash course in the world of theatre focusing on musical theatre basics. Each age group takes morning classes in music, dance and drama. Afternoons our Intermediate and Senior students alternate between classes and specialized musical theatre workshops! Students explore, create, and imagine their way through the week with fun, interactive lessons.


Music: Classes focus on teaching our students singing technique, breath control, diction and more through classic and a up and coming musical songs.

Dance: Classes focus on learning choreography to a variety of songs in a variety of styles, while teaching musical theatre stage basics.

Drama: Classes focus on getting creative by learning improvisational skills, speech arts, character building and theatre vocab basics.


Cost of Program

Juniors $250

Intermediates/Seniors $300

Fall Semester

& Show


The semester is based around a musical theatre production where students will get to work in a professional atmosphere with a production team, sound, lighting, microphones, set, costumes, props and more! The rehearsals are divided into Saturday mornings based around music, choreography and drama related to the show and afternoon stage rehearsals for blocking the show. All Saturdays are scheduled in advance so students know when they need to attend afternoon blocking/choreography/music rehearsals.

This past year we shook things up and auditions were held as part of the program, and all students participated in the process. Auditions are an important part of the theatrical experience, and this is another learning experience we're please to include in the fall semester!

Cost of Program

All Students $400

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