Not too long ago we announced that this summer's production of Chicago would be cancelled, scheduled for the end of August. But why cancel? A lot can change in four months!

The Broadway North Theatre Company is made up mostly of volunteers, especially in the cast of these shows. At the time of cancellatoion the auditions still hadn't taken place because the public was not allowed into the EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts. At the time of this post, we are still closed to the public. When we are allowed to open, there's a very likely chance we will be limited to groups of 30 or less. Even once the show is cast, we will need clearance for more than 30 people just for rehearsals. And since we cast so many volunteers, the rehearsal period is not five weeks of intense all-day rehearsals. They are three evenings a week, which is why the show is usually cast in May. In short, if we can't have 50 people in the building at a time by the start of June, we just don't have enough time to rehearse.

Of course, we could always cast professionals, which brings us to the topic of budget. We could use social distancing practices in the auditorium, which gives us about 120 seats if we use the mezzanine. To anyone w ho has never produced a popular, well-known musical, you might be surprised to learn that is costs thousands just for the rights to do the show. That's before costumes, set, props, the band, and the technical crew. If we can't have 600 people in the auditorium each night, we can't pay for that show.

So we have requested to have our rights moved to the summer of 2021, and hopefully next summer we'll be able to stage Chicago and perform it for a room full of enthusiastic audience members, the way it really should be done.


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